What is there to do at camp?

There are many things to do at camp and the list is growing. Here are a few examples and resources. If you have questions or comments please e-mail us.

Weekly meetings.

Are you interested in having one of your weekly meetings out at camp? With advanced notice we can do an evening activity in the HICOP,  a short hike and a campfire. We supply hot chocolate for the youth and coffee for the adults. BYOM (bring your own marshmallows).


There are enough hiking trails in camp to keep most groups going for a weekend and the Bruce Trail can be accessed just up the road from camp.

Compass Course

We have a compass bearing course that can be used to practice compass bearing skills.

Map Orienteering

Our landmark orienteering course has 32 markers spread throughout the camp.

GPS Orienteering

Our GPS orienteering course uses the same 32 markers as the map orienteering course. We now have 8 GPSs that may be signed out from the HICOP.

Tree Identification

We have a tree identification trail in camp which has 22 different species of trees labeled.

Bird Watching

So far I have counted 11 species of bird at out feeders. Spring is here and so far Red-winged Blackbirds,  Eastern Bluebirds,  Robins, Mallards, Cowbirds, Swollows, Wrens, Chickadees, and an American Woodcock have been seen back in camp.

Frogwatch (spring)

Come join us on Friday evenings, by appointment, in April and May to help us check on the health of our wetlands by listening to the calls of mating frogs. Set up camp then meet us at the HICOP at 9:00 p.m., we will hike out to one of our ponds, count our wetland friends and be back in time for mug-up. Check out Frogwatch and learn some of the frog calls before you come to camp.

Gypsy Moth Egg Hunt (winter)

Join us Saturdays at 1:30 at the HICOP and we will head out to hunt down one of Camp Nemo’s alien invaders. For more information gypsy moths click here.


gypsy_moths_2 gypsy_moths_1






Nest Box Monitoring (spring and summer)

Meet us Saturday afternoons at 1:30 at the HICOP for a walk around the meadow to check on the progress of our nesting tree swallows and bluebirds.

Track Hunt

Join us Saturdays at 3:30 to hunt for animal tracks around Camp Nemo. We will cast the tracks we find. This activity has limited space, so sign by e-mail.

Fire Lighting (all year)

Join us at the HICOP fire pit at 10:30 AM for a demonstration of different fire lighting techniques. Can you light a fire with no matches? Want to learn how? What is Char or chert?

Garlic Mustard – Scout World Conservation Project

This is the major Scout World Conservation Project that has been on going for 4 years now. Help us to control this alien invader that is causing major damage to our woodland ecosystem. Your youth can complete their World Conservation Badge at the Scout Level working on this project in one day. Book your youth by e-mail. There is no charge for this important program. This is a rewarding Saturday outing for any troop!!
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