Green Star

trailcraft badge (2)A. Requirements (any 5)

  1. Estimate three distances and measuring things by using your body, such as the length your foot, your pace or the top of your thumb.
  2. Tie and show a practical use for any five knots such as reef, sheet bend, taut-line, bowline, fisherman’s knot, round turn and two half hitches, clove hitch.
  3. Make a Cub First Aid/Survival kit.
  4. Make or put together a camp gadget for outdoor use.
  5. Know what to do if lost.
  6. Recognize or describe the signs for different types of weather.
  7. Lay, light and safely put out a fire in the outdoors.
  8. Show how to use a road or topographical map.
  9. Tell or demonstrate how to dress for different weather conditions to reduce the risk of hypothermia and reduce your exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.
  10. Know and explain some rules for protecting nature while on an outing.

B. Requirements (any 3)

  1. Take part in three pack hikes.
  2. Help prepare and cook a hot meal on a family, six or pack outing.
  3. Tell or show how the sun, moon and North Star can help you find directions.
  4. Make or follow a trail of not more than 300 meters using clues, trail signs, a map, compass directions or any combination of these.
  5. Draw a simple sketch map of a campsite or your Cub meeting place using compass and paces.
  6. Without harming nature, put up and take down an emergency shelter of your own design.
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