We Make it easy for you!  The program in the basement of the HICOP has been a true success.  Beavers have enjoyed 2 hour programming with stories, medicine games, songs and crafts, all to suit the Theme of the seasonal program.  A short interpretive hike is thrown in as well.
Book for the morning 10-12 noon or the afternoon from 1 – 3 pm or BOTH!  Many colonies come out just for the day, remember to book through (SWO) for the camp use but to book your program.  Book early as it is first come first served and there is limited space available.
Of course, as always, you can visit the HICOP free of charge between 10 am and 5 pm every Saturday and there are lots of self directed displays available to keep Beavers busy for approximately 30 minutes.

Fall Beaver Program

The Fall theme for Beavers is: “Seeds are Sleepy” as always the program is adjusted depending on weather and other conditions, however, there is always a 1 hour interpretive hike (boots and long pants are a must!) and a learning time at the HICOP.The stories, crafts, games, activities, songs and hike teach Beavers about the nature of seeds.
Crafts that can be taken home include one of the following in each 2 hour segment:
  1. Nature Critters made from teesles.
  2. Bird feeder made from various healthy snacks for birds.
  3. Seed picture made from various colours and types of seeds.
The cost is $2.00 each for each half day. In two hours you and the beavers can join the HICOP volunteer for a hike, do seed themed games and a craft.  With additional time in the afternoon we can do a second craft, hear stories, more games and activities and learn some neat songs.  We can provide one half day (2 hours) or the full day programming  – 2 hours morning (10am – noon) and 2 hours afternoon (1pm-3pm).

Winter Beaver Program

Hibernation, Migration, Adaptation
What do animals, birds and insects do in the Winter?  You will find out if you book a hike at the HICOP for your Beavers.  After a Tracking Hike to find animals that stay in camp and adapt to winter, we will do crafts and activities related to winter life of the animals in camp.
  1. We explore many of the animals of Camp Nemo and how they spend their winter.  A matching game is played to identify what animals hibernate, migrate or adapt to the winter.
  2. We develop a theme based on the captivating story “The Mitten”  by Jan   .  The beavers act out the story using animal puppets and then make mittens while learning to sew.  We also play a singing game to incorporate the activity of the animals in the story.
  3. If coming for the full day we will complete a craft of a Brown Bear hibernating for the winter in a cave and read the story “Hibernation Station” that captures the kids imagination about what animals might do when they hibernate.
Remember for $2.00 for each half day session your unit can enjoy program while the leaders get to observe and learn along with them….but all the planning is done for you.

Spring Beaver Program

The spring program will be dependent on weather conditions and could include:
  1. Butterflies: We will learn about the benefits of attracting butterflies to your garden and what factors could endanger these beautiful creations of nature.  We will learn about the Butterfly lifecycle and go hunting for moths and/or butterflies on our hike.  We have stories and crafts to remember our camping experience.Worm Watch: (be prepared to get down and dirty!) We learn about how to monitor worms and report our findings to the National Environment Canada Worm Watch data collection.  This is a program that educates young people about the soil ecosystem.  Worm Watch monitors ecological changes that may be affecting our environment.
  2. Planting Spring Seeds: will be an option as we look at how seeds develop and what benefits there are in planting our own gardens. Every Beaver will take away their own planting.
  3. Spring Wildflowers and Invasive Species:  While the spring flowers are in full bloom we will take a Walk on the Wild Side.  We will learn about the most common wildflowers in Camp, we will have an opportunity to press wildflowers and make a card (Maybe for Mom or Dad’s Day).  We will also learn about an Invasive Species of wildflower that is taking over the Trillium beds of the Camp and what we are doing to rid the camp of this species (they may even take part in that environmental project!)
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