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FISH & WILDLIFE BADGEfish wildlife

Purpose: Demonstrate your knowledge and involvement in fish and wildlife management.
Join us for a half day program and receive your Fish and Wildlife Badge. Learn about some of the factors that effect wildlife, and like deer, coyote, turkeys, tree swallows and eastern bluebirds at Camp Nemo. Find out how you can get your own fishing or hunting license. Then out into the field to work on a habitat improvement project. This year we are opening up one of the meadows to expand the ecotone in camp and provide better nesting sites for tree swallows and eastern bluebirds.



Purpose: Demonstrate your knowledge and involvement in forest management.

Join us for a half day hike and receive your Forestry Badge. Learn about the valued resources our forests contain, and how we use them. Learn about the different forest types in Camp Nemo and how they are changing. In the field help us to control some of the invaders and pests that live in our woods.



Purpose: Demonstrate your knowledge and skill in the field of natural science, emphanaturalistsizing outdoor activity.

Not for the faint of heart!! If you have a real interest in natural science and want to find out about the ecology of Camp Nemo, this is the program for you. This is a great program for leaders who want to have a good knowledge
base in the natural world. Join us if you dare, for an intensive day full of activities to help you obtain one of the most difficult badges in the program. You will learn how to
identify trees, birds, mammals and seasonal wild flowers. Find out what kind of fish live in our creeks. Discover the woodland communities and who lives there.

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