Black Star

To earn the Black Star, choose and do any five (5) of the A Requirements and any two (2) of the B Requirements. These activities can be done by yourself,  or with your six,  pack, family or friends.

A. Requirements (any 5)

  1. Care for a lawn or garden for a month.
  2. Without harming nature, mount and label a display of natural things, such as leaves, weeds, rocks, or seeds and tell about your collection.
  3. Grow a plant indoors and describe how it grew.
  4. Grow a sugar or salt crystal on a string.
  5. Plant a tree or shrub, describe how trees grow and why they are important to nature.
  6. Point out or describe some sources of pollution in your neighbourhood and describe possible solutions.
  7. Make a rain gauge and use it to record rain or snowfall for a month.
  8. Make and set up a bird bath, bird house, or bird feeding station, and look after it for a season.
  9. Show how to use and take care of common garden tools.
  10. Using the water cycle, show the route water takes to your home or show how acid rain is formed and how it affects nature.
  11. Point out the North Star and three constellations.

B. Requirements (any 2)

  1. Visit a natural area of your choice and point out some different ways the local plants and animals depend on one another for life.
  2. Go on a ramble and identify six different kinds of birds, or keep a record of birds using a bird bath or bird feeder for a season. Know which birds are protected in your area.
  3. Visit one of the following places: conservation area, weather station, fish hatchery, observatory, tree farm, fire ranger tower, farm, greenhouse, park, zoo, forestry station, dam. Learn about how this place helps the environment.
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